Meet the Grits


Teddy Carr, Owner (nickname, Tc)

Native Virginian who founded Outdoor Action with Teddy Carr™ one of the largest freshwater fishing and waterfowl guide services in the eastern United States. A graduate from Orange County High School where he excelled in football and lunch. Married his high school sweetheart Donna and settled in downtown Locust Grove. They have three children Jon, Justin, and Taylor. He is also an accomplished bass tournament angler.

Favorite duck-Canvasback

Dog- Zembie

Favorite historical figure-Patrick Henry (he took it from talking about it-to lets get it on)

Favorite song-Amazing Grace sung by his daughter Taylor (makes him cry every time)


Jon Carr, Owner (nickname, Jonboy)

Teddy’s oldest son Jon grew up following in the footsteps of his dad chasing fowl across Virginia. Jon is the driving creative force behind the Pack he plots and plans in that head of his 24/7.  Jon in the winter of 2009 put down his shotgun and picked up an M-16 to serve his country in the fight against global terrorism for his country as a United States Marine. He has served in two combat tours supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and one forwardly deployed tour to the South Pacific Theater. Jon plans to return to the pack full time after he honorably completes his duty for freedom. Oorah!!

Favorite duck-Wood-Duck



Justin Carr, Owner (nickname, Juck)

Justin is Teddy’s youngest son he also grew up in the duck blind with his dad and brother Jon. Justin was the first in his family to go to a 4-year university, he is a graduate of Radford University. Justin is the workhorse of the Pack, he is cameraman, video producer, editor, call maker, dog trainer, guide, etc. you name it he does it. He is definitely the man when it comes to running our field goose hunts. No one puts goose calling together with reading a flock of geese like he does. He currently resides with his girlfriend Brooke and little Berry near Lake Anna, VA.

Favorite duck-American Wigeon

Dogs-Dixie and Berry


Tom Toews (nickname, Fat Tony)

Tom started his waterfowling in the Pacific flyway in the state of Oregon. Tom performs a lot of the construction and maintenance on the Pack’s blinds especially when it comes to brushing up the blinds. He also maintains a lot of the gear as well as working in the call shop and is one of our cameramen. Tom is a dedicated family man, his wife Belinda is from the west coast as well and they have three lovely children Cody, Corey, and Courtney.

Favorite duck -Mallard

Hobbies-Coaching soccer



Ed Dustin (nickname, Big Ed)

Big Ed is our tool man he has every tool under the sun and if he doesn’t have it they don’t make it. Together with Tom they handle the lion’s share of duck blind construction. Ed owns a very successful masonry business (Potomac Masonry) that he started in 2001. Ed and his beautiful family (wife Jane, and kids Bryce, Peyton, and Ashton) call Fredericksburg, Va. their home. Ed’s idea of the perfect afternoon is kicking back with his family and friends and pounding some Maryland blue crabs.

Favorite Duck-Blackhead (Scaup)

Hobbies-Tournament bass fishing

Favorite historical figure-Wyatt Earp



Todd Neale (nickname, Toddy) 

Todd is our lifeline when it comes to keeping our duck boats running, he owns one of the busiest and most successful boat repair shops in the Mid-Atlantic “Sportsman’s Marine”.  Todd also joins Juck in running the second of our two goose rigs. Todd, his wife Tricia, and young’ins Clay and Kaidyn make Warrenton, Va. their home. On a side note Todd is a direct descendant of General Stone Wall Jackson.

Favorite Duck-Pintail

Hobbies-Bass Fishing



Duane Adams (nickname, To graphic to say)

Duane is our turkey specialist and the logistics man for our waterfowl team. Duane and his family (wife Susan quite the huntress herself, Dakota, and Tyler) make their home on the shores of Lake Anna, Va. They attend New Life Community Church where they are members. Duane has worked for Aflac for 32-years, he was born and raised in WV and lives and dies by Mountaineer Football.

Favorite Duck-Wood Duck

Hobbies-Bass Fishing


Timmy Talley (nickname, TT)

The Talley and the Carr families have deep ties. Timmy helps with the hunts and is also one of the cameramen. Timmy is a Virginia Tech Grad where he majored in engineering and currently works at the North Anna Power Plant. He enjoys hunting with his dog Hallie and watching her work. Timmy and his wife Kasey make their home in Louisa Va. near Lake Anna.

Favorite Duck-Mallard

Hobbies-Fishing and Training his dog